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Water Treatment

Water is essential to the proper functioning of your home and impacts your life every day. Not only do we drink it, but we also use it to shower, cook, and clean. Additionally, things like the AC unit often use water and your home’s entire plumbing system depends on reliable, clean water.

Are all of your faucets covered in a green film? Does your drinking water taste funny? Do you see rust on your bathroom fixtures? If so, then your home’s water needs to be tested and treated for the following common water issues.

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Common Water Issues:

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This is the result of minerals, such as calcium, getting dissolved into your water. While you can’t see them, they can build up in your water over time and make your plumbing less efficient. Additionally, hard water can dry out skin and hair, leaving your body rough and dehydrated.
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The natural pH of water is neutral, but it can get more acidic depending on its environment. A lower pH can damage your home’s plumbing and can often be seen as green stains on your fixtures.
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Chlorine is great for pools, but not for the water that you use to drink, cook, and shower in. City water is usually treated with chlorine for its delivery to your home, but it can linger for longer and cause your water to taste bad and dry out your skin when bathing.
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If your water smells like rotten eggs, it’s probably mixed with sulfur. Sulfur occurs in the ground naturally, but the odor can really make doing daily tasks unbearable.
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If your water has iron in it, it can cause rust stains. Rust can wreak havoc on pipes and plumbing and stain materials. If your water tastes metallic, it probably has iron in it.
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Nitrates are contaminants found in well water that are odorless, colorless and tasteless but pose health risks as they are usually the result of poorly maintained septic tanks.

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If you are dealing with any of these common water issues, reach out to the Swift Brothers team to get your water treated today!

Benefits of Getting Your Water Treated

If you have any of the water issues listed above, the Swift Brothers team can help. Your home’s water should be safe enough for you to drink, bathe in, and cook with! While your safety is the number one reason to get your water treated, there are also additional benefits to getting your water treated:

  • Health and wellness — Treated water provides cleaner water that is better for your body, inside and out. Not only will you be drinking and cooking with cleaner water that goes directly into your system, but you will also be bathing with water that does not dry out your skin and hair.
  • Increased quality — Treated water can help your home run more efficiently, prolong the lifespan of appliances, and maintain efficiency. For example, hard water can be — you guessed it — hard on your home’s pipes and plumbing.
  • Cost savings — In addition to the cost savings you incur from your appliances and plumbing working more efficiently, you’ll spend less money on cleaning supplies used to clean rust and pH stains or clothes that can be ruined by untreated water. Treated water can also save on your home’s energy costs.

Our team of water treatment specialists can address all of these common water issues by installing things like smart filters or acid neutralizers. We offer solutions such as filters, softeners, conditioners, and drinking water systems that treat your water to make it the best it can be for you and your home.

If you need your home’s water treated, you can depend on Swift Brothers for quick, comprehensive and expert assistance. Fill out the contact form below or call us at 844-396-9662 so we can begin your water treatment services today!